AGM Report


We would like to thank the board members and the staff of Help Me Network that worked so hard to achieve these outcomes
Thank you to each client that uses our service as well as all our partners and our funders

Social Development required outputs
In accordance with our Transfer payment agreement (TPA) with the Department of Social Development, Substance abuse program, we need to see 120 clients for early intervention and 50 clients needs to complete our treatment program.

We are in compliance with the agreement for early intervention in that we have already seen 145 to date with the expectancy of another 30 clients on average for the remainder of the financial year.

The required output for treatment is that the client needs to at least complete 50% of our treatment cycle. Our treatment cycle is currently 12 weeks, thus meaning that for the financial year, we had 46 clients remain in our treatment program for at least 6 weeks. We have however noted that the clients remain in our program and would complete the full 12 week cycle and would then continue to attend sessions.

Our expectancy is that the required number of 50 clients completing the treatment cycle will be completed within the next three weeks and that we will be able to exceed the required target.

We have managed to consistently exceed the required outputs and foresee that this will be the case for the next financial year as well.

Our projection is that our staff complement currently at 5, will have to increase by at least two staff members in the next year. This is necessary as there is a greater demand for services especially amongst the youth.

This will imply that our cost will increase and that we will have to source additional funding as the current funders do not cover all the cost.

Quarter Early intervention Treatment
One: 1 April 2018- 30 June 2018 34 9
Two: 1 July 2018- 30 September 2018 34 21
Three: 1 October 2018- 31 December 2018 37 16
Four: 1 January 2019- 28 February 2019 40
1 March 2019 till 31 March 2019
Totals 145 46

Overall Accomplishments April 2018- March 2019
3 plays in 3 schools (2500 learners)
Early intervention: 145 persons (DSD)
Treatment: 50 persons (DSD)
Aftercare: 11 persons
Trauma: 2 persons
Crime prevention: 4 persons
Substance abuse training: 2 groups
Motivational interviewing training: 1 group

(DSD: department of social development)

We managed to achieve the targets set by DSD
We added new services namely trauma counselling and anger management
A new group was started for juniors aged between 10 and 13
An awareness drama was delivered at schools
We managed to train two groups of community members in dealing with Substance abuse
Motivational interviewing training
Our website under construction
In-service training for the staff were done on the topics of trauma and anger management

We facilitated senior groups from secondary schools,Junior group from primary schools, children’s homes, boys town, place of safety etc.

Our Adult treatment program consist of 12 weeks.After completing the program,the clients receive a certificate

Our current funders are :
DSD – substance abuse directorate
DSD- crime prevention directorate
Lotto (NLC)
Nussbaum foundation
Clients contributions
Donations, cupcake sales, NGK
Trauma counselling and anger management–non subsidised
Our heartfelt thanks for the support during the year.

Our needs:
Our staff complement needs to increase by at least two staff members in the next year. This is necessary as there is a greater demand for services.Additional funding for market-related salaries for seven staff members
New laptops for our staff members as the current ones are outdated.
Glasses, cups and saucers
Due to the fact that more clients are accessing our services and the increase in demand for services,we will need to acquire bigger premises to deliver our services from.


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