What We Do

“Rising from the ashes, I am born again, powerful, exultant, majestic through all the pain.” - Shannon Perry

community services

We serve the Macassar, Somerset West, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Lwandle, Nomzamo and Strand areas. We work within a multi-agency context to holistically develop healthy communities. Given the complex nature of alcohol and other drug abuse and its devastating impact on communities, a long-term programme and strategy is needed to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. In that regard, we are currently running the following programmes that require immediate and/or permanent resource support:


Outpatient Treatment Programme

The outcome of the brief/early intervention determines if an individual needs a longer treatment programme. It assist in minimising harm and negative consequences, such as risky sexual behaviour, physical or sexual assault, health problems, unintentional injuries, memory problems, legal problems and impaired school performance.The Integrative Motivational Treatment Model (IMTM) is used and consists of research-based techniques integrated into a model. The model has been officially accredited by a multi-professional panel. The programme comprises of individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and group therapy sessions.


Early Intervention Programme

Some substance abusers respond very positively to brief, focused treatment episodes. The purpose of our early intervention programme is to delay the onset of alcohol or other drugs (AOD) in order to prevent dependence in later life.This intervention is particularly useful for helping to determine the nature and extent of a possible problem and for motivating service users to make necessary behavioural changes. The programme includes approaches like the stages of change, motivational interviewing and use of the cognitive-behavioural therapy.


Awareness & Prevention

This programme is highly important and forms part of the holistic approach in addressing the problem of substance abuse in our communities. We deliver awareness programmes that are age-specific, developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive.HMN (CSP) supports personal and social development by means of providing information and education. We provide life enhancing skills in order to reduce the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.


Aftercare Support

Clients attend sessions for support, to evaluate their progress and to establish a process of reintegration into society.


Monitoring & Evaluation

During contact with a beneficiary, information is shared which forms the baseline data from which we work. Individual development plans are agreed upon which are monitored and evaluated throughout the process of intervention.


Training & Development

  • Motivational Interview (MI) training for NPC’S, Government departments, Private sector, training and research institutions.
  • Training of Support Groups to promote the understanding of substance abuse.
  • Capacity building workshops in policy development and evidence based interventions.

non-subsidised Services

  • Trauma counselling as a short-term intervention, which is appropriate when a person has suffered a traumatic incident.
  • Trauma counseling supports the client in identifying and coming to terms with the feelings and emotions they may feel during and after atraumatic experience.
  • Dealing with the Anger and fear that are very powerful emotions and if suppressed will almost certainly have an impact on your well-being, physical, emotional, and mental state
  • Maximum 12 session after which there can be closure or referrals for further intensive treatment.

Coaching on how to deal with anger. Dealing with anger and fear which are very powerful emotions and if suppressed will almost certainly have an effect on one’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Some of our accomplishments

Awareness & Prevention​

An awareness and prevention campaign was held in one of the High schools in the Helderberg basin where we informed 1020 learners about the dangers of substance use. We did this by first assessing what their knowledge of substance abuse was (baseline study) and then checking after the sessions what the change in their perceptions were. The topic we used was addressing the myths surrounding substance use and presenting the learners with facts.

Early Intervention Programme​

40 teenagers were presented with a brief intervention. This entails 6 individual counselling sessions, 6 group sessions and 3 family sessions.
We are finalizing Brief Intervention sessions with 120 learners in two schools this week.

Outpatient Treatment Programme​

45 individuals were presented with a twelve week treatment based on the Intergrative Motivational treatment model (IMTM). This includes individual counselling sessions, group sessions and family sessions

Motivational Interview Training

This was done in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch, training 75 social workers in the way they approach their clients.

Ubuhlobo Women’s Society

Three days training in Substance Abuse has been completed and three days MI training is planned. We will start with this as soon as the funder gives the go-ahead.
Training was done with different Support Groups in the communities.


Clients were presented with sessions where their progress and reintegration in society were assessed.


Department Social Development, Abba network (Stellenbosch), Ubuhlobo Women’s Society, Masincedane, Cape Town Alcohol and Drug Action Committee, NACOSA, Welfare Organizations, Hospitals, Mental Health Organizations, Medical Doctors, NGO’s.

projects in progress

  • DSD Western Cape: A five day training session is planned for them in the near future.
  • The 12 week IMTM program is continuing and we are well ahead of schedule.
  • Early intervention program was started and several clients are participating