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Let us tell you a little more about who we are

Who We Are

Maybe the best way to answer that is by explaining WHY WE STARTED

In every household, when one member is using, the whole family is affected as well as the closer community members.

The need for treatment in drug addiction is clearly visible in local communities. In almost every community in and around the Helderberg basin, family members are struggling because of ‘tik’ (methamphetamine) use. We find that there is a desperate need for treatment of substance abuse. We also want to drive home a message of hope and faith that people can change.

The purpose of the project is to delay the first onset of alcohol or other drugs (AOD) in order to prevent dependence later in life and minimize harm and negative consequences, such as physical or sexual assault, unintentional injuries, memory problems, legal problems and impaired school performance.

We also provide brief early intervention for those who use and experiment and treatment for those who abuse and are dependent on an alcohol or other drugs.

A study done by the Trimbos institute (Kools, Trautman 2011) in October 2011 in the Helderberg Basin, shown the increase in the incidence of methamphetamine as well as heroin and other substances in the area and clearly highlight the need for more rehabilitation centres. According to studies by the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Western Cape has one of the highest incidences in alcohol and drug abuse in South Africa (Plüddemann, Parry, Bhana, Dada, Fourie, 2009).

Our Approach


Sustainability remains a challenge for most organisations operating in the Non-Profit sector as they rely on donors to fund their programmes. HMN CSP defines its sustainability as ongoing service delivery to substance abusers and their communities. In order to achieve this, the following actions are implemented:

  • To research and monitor the needs of our beneficiaries to ensure that the services which HMN CSP offers are relevant and efficient,
  • To broaden our donor base and incorporate additional ways of generating income in order to financially sustain our programmes.
  • The Motivational Interview training that we do is NQF Level 8 accredited which generates some income.
  • Paid services such as trauma counselling and anger management.

The sustainability of HMN CSP’s programmes can be realised through financial support. This is complimented by dedicated staff with their qualifications and experience who strive to meaningfully interact with their beneficiaries. Thereby improving quality of life and,as a result,enhancing their communities.

Current and previous funders include Dept. Social Development: Substance Abuse, Dept. Social Development: Social Crime Prevention, National Lottery Commission (NLC), Unitrade (Gordon’s Bay), Nussbaum Foundation.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to enable people in communities in the Western Cape to accomplish wellness in their lives and live drug-free lives by:

  • Creating awareness of substance abuse and its impact on HIV/AIDS prevalence through educational programmes,
  • Early Intervention programmes,
  •  Out-patient treatment programmes,
  •  Empowering support groups and professionals through educational  programs and training,
  • Aftercare and life skills training.
  • Trauma counselling and anger management.  

— Our Vision

The vision of HMN CSP is to facilitate the well-being of sustainable, productive and healthy communities.